Come Unto Me Retreats

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The Divine Invitation

“Come unto Me and find rest.

Pause…. Surrender to the unforced rhythm of grace.

Journey Poised …. with a calm confidence, evidence of an interlude with Me.” 


To create an intimate retreat atmosphere where women experience the Power and Presence of God, foster new relationships and are rejuvenated and empowered by The Holy Spirit.


As women I am sure we can agree that our lifestyles and to-do lists place serious demands that affect us greatly and unfortunately go unnoticed. While they are important, they are yet still distractions from what is a priority. As a result, the most important area in our lives that suffers the most is our relationship with Jesus. How do we invite the Lord’s presence into the busyness of our lives? By being intentional and making space for Him! 

Come Unto Me Retreats is unique!